Secure Data Room Is Your Vulnerability Management Solution

Virtual Data Room gives you the ability to track when existing vulnerabilities turn into risks as you test different ways to protect your network. Here is more about its security measures.

What is a vulnerability management system?

Security event management systems allow from one center and in real-time to monitor and administer the operation of all existing information security systems of the company, to immediately detect and respond to emerging threats. And, no less important, to warn them – thanks to a comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness of existing defense programs, the detection of weak or generally unprotected places in the defense.

Vulnerability management is the process of identifying information assets, scanning them for vulnerabilities, and issuing recommendations. Such systems dynamically detect objects in an organization’s network that can be targeted by attacks and identify possible risks associated with vulnerabilities of objects in the network. In addition to security, it is possible to monitor in real-time all changes occurring in the organization’s network and scan new objects on the network as soon as they become available and visible by the scanner.

The implementation of vulnerability management systems allows obtaining an objective assessment of the security status of the information system, detecting and eliminating vulnerabilities in advance, and automating the process of monitoring compliance with regulatory requirements, international and industry standards.

Such systems bring together, unify and analyze the data received from all available firewalls, giving the output the most reliable picture of network security. They allow not only automating the monitoring process but also making it complete, continuous, convenient and several times less time-consuming.

Virtual Data Room – a good alternative for vulnerability management solution

Vulnerability management systems can be installed both inside the corporate network to scan the internal and external network perimeter and be used outside the corporate network using Software-as-a-Service technology. One of such systems is a Virtual Data Room solution.

data room due diligence for your business is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based vulnerability management platform that allows you to view and track all of your data with high precision. The software allows you to automate the identification of weaknesses in your IT infrastructure. In addition, it provides visibility to the attack surface to manage, measure, and minimize all types of risks.

Data Room is customizable to any technical standards and works for all levels – from administrator to head of the enterprise. The main features of the software for determining vulnerabilities are:

  • proactive protection of corporate resources using automatic information security monitoring;
  • automation of processes for monitoring compliance with industry and international standards;
  • reduction of costs for audit and security control, preparation of IT and IS projects;
  • automation of resource inventory processes, vulnerability management, control of compliance with security policies and change control;
  • maximum automation of processes reduces labor costs and allows you to quickly monitor the state of security of systems;
  • the analyzer of the structure of HTTP servers (allows you to search and analyze directories available for viewing and writing, making it possible to find weak points in the configuration);
  • knowledge base support by a team of professional consultants recognized industry experts.

This model not only saves time and resources but also allows managers and auditors to gain a complete understanding of company security and compliance. Automatic scanning of vulnerabilities is performed at certain short intervals to identify vulnerabilities, subsequent assessment, and provide complete information in a report along with recommendations for their elimination. Data Room shows excellent results in terms of usability, and the simplicity of the interface means that the program quickly launches and effectively uses all its service capabilities.