EthosData vs Intralinks


To exchange files or save a large amount of data, it is no longer necessary to use hard drives and cables, they are replaced by reliable cloud storage. Here is more about Data Room software.

What is Digital Data Room?

Cloud services and cloud storage are gaining more and more popular among Internet users every day. This popularity is due to the ability to quickly access your data from anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet. Commercial organizations also keep up with the general user in the use of cloud services, leveraging their capabilities to implement the enterprise environment. In a corporate environment, company employees can share files, collaboratively edit files, and store data.

Virtual Data Room is a kind of online service that provides the ability to store files on a remote server. That is, the user can upload a document to any online store and in the future use it directly from the server. From the client’s point of view, all transactions take place in one place, the so-called “cloud”.

The functionality of cloud Data Room software implies:

  • providing access to the user’s personal information from any device connected to the Internet;
  • cloud computing is supported in browsers of any operating systems which avoids software incompatibility of technical devices;
  • ensuring data synchronization, that is, the same information, both you and others, can view and edit simultaneously from different devices;
  • providing data storage (if something happens to your device, then you will not lose important information, since it is no longer stored in the device memory);
  • providing online editors for creating text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and drawings. Cloud services are provided by the editors of the latest software version and you do not need to monitor the release of updates;
  • the ability to automatically scan files for malicious software using the built-in antivirus software.

Data storage can be organized in different ways as there are different types of cloud storage. Storages have certain characteristics: what is well suited for solving one problem, for example, collaboration, will not be entirely successful for solving another, for example, backing up valuable information. Each storage type supports a specific storage unit.

EthosData vs Intralinks: what would you choose?

Each cloud service has its unique functionality and capabilities that are quite common for most services. Each of these services has advantages and disadvantages.

When analyzing large amounts of data, the user of the cloud system uses its computing power, paying only for the actual time of use. Reliability of operation. The Data Room can be reliable, as it is usually equipped in data centers that have backup power supplies, security, professionals, regular data backup, high bandwidth of the Internet channel, some resistance to unauthorized access if properly provided. However, with a careless attitude, the effect can be quite the opposite. Moreover, as for the reliability of information storage, experts say that if the information stored in the cloud is lost, it is lost forever.

Intralinks is an integrated management information software that allows you to create a single information environment for automation of planning, accounting, control, management, and analysis of all major business processes of the enterprise,

Ethos Data Room is another popular service that differs from others in a number of features. In particular, the software does not have the ability to edit documents, but there are no restrictions on the format and size of multimedia files. The service allows you to set up automatic synchronization and uploading of photo and video content to the “cloud” in real-time, which guarantees the safety of the footage, even if your smartphone “died during execution”. It is the ability to work with additional users or operations by building resources without fundamentally rebuilding the system architecture