Intralinks vs Merrill

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Today one of the most secure and convenient ways to store business data is to use cloud technologies. In this article, more about Virtual Data Room software alternatives.

The essence of Virtual Data Room

In market conditions, the development and effective conduct of business becomes impossible without the introduction of informatization, which ensures the integration and connection of enterprises with the external environment, improves the quality of services. The main purpose of digitalization is to create optimal conditions for meeting the information needs and implementation of the enterprise based on the formation and use of information resources and modern technologies. The company’s strategy for informatization is a prerequisite for its effective work and increase competitiveness.

Today most companies prefer using Virtual Data Room software for transparent deal-making, data exchange, and storing. Cloud-based Data Rooms which allow you to transfer computing resources and data to remote Internet servers, in recent years have become one of the main trends in the development of IT technologies. The technologies themselves represent a certain infrastructure – servers, data warehouses, software, networks – which are provided by the provider for the operation of the systems required by the client.

The single information environment provided by Virtual Data Room allows to provide the decision of the following tasks:

  • direct, timely access to the information product (accurate information about the production process in space and time);
  • effective coordination of internal activities and prompt dissemination of various messages;
  • more effective interaction with allies on technological routes through the use of informed and visual means of display and transmission-reception of messages;
  • use of qualitatively better technology of system analysis and design of operational management at the lower and middle levels of production management;
  • constant replenishment with the necessary information;
  • timely provision of relevant consumers with reliable data;
  • collection, registration, processing, and issuance of data on the status and results of management facilities to inform higher authorities;
  • distribution of information between the administration, structural units, and executors, according to their participation in the management process.

Intralinks vs Merrill: what is better?

Intralinks and Merill Data Rooms are the leaders in the marketplace among software providers.

These solutions offer the following advantages:

  • Safe and efficient data exchange;
  • All documents, files, and confidential documents are saved and protected online with extra-high security;
  • Faster and cheaper processing of real estate transactions (purchase, sale);
  • Acceleration of all processes involved;
  • Convenient online reading of files directly on the screen, without downloading;
  • Software installation is not necessary;
  • Efficient management and sale of real estate;
  • Easiest usability.

Both systems automatically integrate the submitted data into the accounting systems of companies, identifies counterparties, and delivers your documents in encrypted form to the accounting system or software product of the enterprise.

Intralinks service requires prior integration into the automation system and is designed for medium and large companies with complex internal document management and a large number of employees who work with electronic documents. Electronic documents are stored directly in the automation system and can work in any operating system and database, which works with the server and client platform.

Merrill Data Room specializes in a wide range of document management and communication services. Most companies that use Merrill are in the financial, legal, or corporate sectors. With this Data Room provider, you can be sure that you will receive a highly secure solution in which all sensitive documents and files can be uploaded and shared. A free trial version is offered to test individual needs and requirements.